Weaving rainforest baskets



During our topic lessons we have been learning all about the rainforests of the world. We have started to learn more about the tribes of people who live in the rainforests. Today we learnt that they find everything they need from the forests around them. They make their own houses and tools. They find their food from the rainforest and make medicines from the forest too. We also learnt that they use special leaves from the trees to make their own baskets. So in Art this afternoon we learnt how to weave our own baskets.

We learnt that weaving is a bit like sewing but with your hands. We had to weave in and out of our basket loom by going under, over, under, over. We soon discovered it wasn’t as easy as it looked!

Pyper said ‘Art it supposed to be fun… this is hard!’ so Ishmael told her ‘Just keep trying, remember you need to persevere and you will get a nice basket by the end’.

Sophie said ‘I’m no good at this, my basket doesn’t even look like a basket’ and Reuben told her ‘Yes it does, it looks great. Just keep going I think it looks really good’.

Toucans have been thinking hard about our value word of friendship. Miss Williams was so proud to hear these conversations. Well done Toucans for encouraging your friends.

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