Our tablecloths

Today we finished making our own printed tablecloths for the healthy snack café next week. First we worked as a row to decide which fruits we were going to print. Then we practised our design onto a small piece of paper. After that we copied our drawings onto a polystyrene tile. It was a bit tricky because if you pressed too hard it made a hole and if you didn’t press hard enough it wouldn’t print properly. Miss Williams showed us how to use the ink to print onto the paper. We put printing ink onto our tile and printed it then we used a small cleaner roller to press it down firmly. We worked as a group to take turns to make a pattern with our fruits.

We think our tablecloths look really good. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Our tablecloths

  1. Wow these tablecloths look lovely – great work Toucans! I’m looking forward to seeing your healthy cafe next week!

  2. Amazing toucans those tablecloths look abserlooply amazing I am so looking forward to seeing the healthy food you’ve got and I am especially looking forward to eating the healthy pizza!!!

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