Behaviours for Learning

Today we had a really fun time exploring our next behaviour for learning. So far we have focused on listening, pride and concentration. This term we are particularly focusing on independence but we also decided together we think perseverance needs to be linked to it. First we discussed what we think it means to be independent:

Miss Williams set us a challenge to help us think about things in our classroom that help us to be independent. We had a list of things to find and collect and just 5 minutes to complete the challenge. First we talked about what we can do if we get stuck. We thought we could:

1. Look around the classroom at the labels and other things that might help us.
2. We could ask a friend.
3. We could ask a teacher.

We set off on our challenge and did really well! Nearly everyone found most of the things on their list. Before we put them all back in the correct places Miss Williams asked Melissa to be her and she became all of us. Miss Williams kept running up to Melissa (the teacher) and saying ‘Miss, Miss, I found a pencil’ and Melissa said ‘Put it back where it goes then’. Miss Williams then said ‘Miss, Miss, I found a counter’ and Melissa said ‘Put it away then’. She did the same thing lots of times and Melissa got very fed-up! It was very funny to watch but also helped us to think about how we could be more independent. We are going to try much harder to just get on with things over the next few weeks and see if we can solve our own problems.

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