Our very own books

Today we finished publishing our very own books. We have been working on them from start to finish since we came back to school in January.

First we read lots of different journey tales. We focused on the Little Polar Bear stories by Hans deBeer. We read many different stories and then used the main character of Lars to write our own.

We planned them, wrote them, edited and improved then and finally this week we published them. We were so proud of ourselves! Mrs Hill invited us to Reception to read our books to the children. In English today we finished illustrating them and then practised reading to a partner. We had to make sure we used a loud, clear voice and some expression to keep our partner interested. We then went to Reception this afternoon and had a wonderful time! The children really enjoyed our stories and we enjoyed sharing them. Thank you Swans and well done Toucans! Our final books are on display in our classroom, please come and read them as they are AMAZING!

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