Exploring different materials

Today we had a very exciting letter from Professor Pole thanking us for our letters and helping with his research. He also asked us to help him again! He has to write a report about his findings but he doesn’t know what it should look like. Luckily, we do! So we are going to help him by writing some as examples and sending them to him.

In our Science lesson today we explored materials further. Professor Pole needs a new umbrella so we thought about the properties it would need to have. We focused on thinking about the words waterproof and absorbent. We had five different materials and had to set up an experiment to find which ones were absorbent and which were waterproof. We know experiments must be fair tests so we kept some things the same: same size material, same amount of water and put them in for the same amount of time. We worked in groups to plan and carry out our experiments. Look at our work to find out our results.

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