Staying safe online



Today we have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe online. We read a story about Smartie Penguin who asked his Daddy to help. Each time his Daddy said:

Before you click, click, click
You need to think, think, think and TELL someone.

We learnt this rhyme too to help us to remember to ask for help to stay safe online. We also learnt about the importance of not giving people any details about ourselves when we are online. We made some posters to share this important message with other people. Nicola and Emily ha​d some very important advice. Well done girls!

3 thoughts on “Staying safe online

  1. What a great job of making safety posters. I think you definitely know how to stay safe on-line. This is great work ready for our safety themed week next week too. We shall have to share some of your ideas with all the other classes in the school too.

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