Video: Our favourite moments

This morning we had our final Circle Time where we shared our favourite moments of the year. Miss Williams made us a special video of the wonderful times we have shared this year. We have had an amazing year together and everyone has learnt so much. Well done Toucans! Your teachers are very proud of you and will miss you very much next year.

2 thoughts on “Video: Our favourite moments

  1. Well done to you all toucans you done so well and grown up so quick. a big thank you to Mrs green and miss Williams you worked really hard with the children. That video was lovely to see

  2. Well done to all the toucans you have done so well in the past year working hard and growing up so fast. A big thank you to miss Williams and Mrs green you have worked very hard with the children and it shows. I know Callum has had so much fun he was sad to leave you. The video was brilliant that you have put together and that assembly brought tears to my eyes o

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