Finding the best material

Today in our Science lesson we carried out an experiment which we planned yesterday. Yesterday we received a letter from Professor Pole who had received our letters and was very impressed. Here is the letter he sent us:

So in Science we planned and carried out an experiment to find the best material. We talked about what an umbrella needed to be and decided on these three things: flexible, waterproof and hard-wearing. We discussed materials that would be unsuitable and why:

Jessica – Glass would be no good. It is waterproof but you wouldn’t be able to put it up and down and it might shatter.
Amaya – Wood isn’t waterproof – it would rot.
Seth – Plastic might be good because it is waterproof. My raincoat is made of plastic.
Charlie – I think fabric might work because that’s what my umbrella is made from.
Frankie – Metal wouldn’t bend and also it goes rusty.

These were all good predictions! We did the experiment together. Have a look at our photographs for the results.

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