Today in our PHSE lesson we discussed the word ‘Pollution’ and what that meant. We found out that ‘Pollution’ is our environment and the world getting dirty and full of germs and nasty smells. This in turn can make us sick.

There are many contributing factors to air, water and land pollution. Things like plastic litter, exhaust fumes, trees being cut down and not replaced and various types of fires.

Then we discussed how saving energy would be helpful to the planet and help reduce some of the pollution.
These are some of the things we decided we could do at school to help save energy.

• Turn lights off when no one is in the room.
• Turn down the heat on radiators.
• Turn off taps, don’t leave them running.
• Turn off computers, ipads and tablets when they are not in use.
• Walk to school instead of come by car or bus.

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