Hello from Miss Williams

Good Morning Toucans,

Just a quick reminder that your parents should be testing you today on the all words that you have been learning since last Friday. Once you have done today’s English you then practice these soft c spellings until next Friday.

I hope you have been keeping up with all your lessons. So far this week I have received writing or work from Daisy C, George, William, Maya, Max and Millie. Daisy also did some fantastic cooking and William made a real exploding volcano! Millie has also been busy learning her times tables which is going to be so important for next year. Well done Millie!

I have been keeping a close eye on Bug Club and am very pleased to see that Millie, Max, Anaiyah, Amelie, Jason, Maya, George and William have been reading lots of their allocated books. Well done everyone! I was also pleased that Max has started reading a book that I know Liam and Jason have enjoyed. Remember you could post on the Reading for Pleasure Blog if you want to recommend a good book to your friends.

Enjoy your weekend and look out for next week’s work on Monday morning.

Take care,

Miss Williams

4 thoughts on “Hello from Miss Williams

  1. Well done children .I am so proud to see you have been trying with your work xx Stay safe .I miss you all x love Mrs Johnson xxx

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