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Where have all my Toucans gone?! I have been looking forward to Excellent Work this week but have only received work from George, Maya, Daisy C, William and Alexie! I decided on the most excellent ones they sent me and you can find them here:

Well done to those children. It really is so pleasing to receive your work every week showing me that you are still learning and trying very hard.

These are the top 3 Bug Club children this week: George, Maya and Firas. Well done to those children for continuing to work hard on their reading. I have also seen children at the book swap.

Toucans please remember it is school time now for another 6 weeks. Sadly you cannot be in school but your school work must be done. No-one knows what the rest of this year or next year looks like yet but at some point you will be back in school and you need to hold on to all that important learning until then. We know our brain is a muscle and must be used or it will waste away! I look forward to having a much harder decision about who goes into Excellent Work next Friday.

Stay safe 🙂

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  1. I will look forward to reading some of your fantastic work . Come on Year Two keep stretching your brain . Love Mrs Johnson x

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