Home Learning 22/6/2020

Good morning Toucans,

Here is this week’s English and Maths:

Maths Summer Term Week 9
English Summer Term Week 9
Lesson 1 – Measure length (cm)
Lesson 1 Answers – Measure length (cm)
Lesson 2 – Compare lengths
Lesson 2 Answers – Compare lengths
Lesson 3 – Four operations with lengths
Lesson 3 Answers – Four operations with lengths
Lesson 4 – Compare mass
Lesson 4 Answers – Compare mass

I know lots of you are reading at home. It would be lovely if some of you could post on the Reading for Pleasure blog so I can see what you are reading. It is also a nice way to recommend books to your friends while you can’t see them. Just go onto the Reading for Pleasure blog and write a few sentences about the book you are reading and send us a picture if you can.

Have a good week 🙂

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