Fabulous Florence!

Toucans have been really interested in our History study about Florence Nightingale. The children have placed events of Florenceā€™s life in order on a timeline. Do you know what year she was born in? What year did she die?

The children have spent a lot of time finding out how hospitals were in Victorian times compared to now and also discovered what improvements she introduced. Toucans noticed how Florence looked very different to nurses we see nowadays and made some interesting comparisons. This knowledge enabled the class to write a letter to the Victorian government in role, as Florence. They were able to explain the living conditions and convey what equipment was needed.

2 thoughts on “Fabulous Florence!

  1. Well-being guys I’m happy that guy love your learning! Three weeks ago, Tatenda came to me and told me the things she learnt about Florence Nightingale

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