Paul Cezanne

Toucans found out all about the French artist Paul Cezanne this afternoon. They realised he was alive during the Victorian time period, which meant he was alive at the same time as Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole!

Toucans thought his work was a bit dull and boring at first but once he began to paint nature, his work became more colourful, warm and cheerful. Karly said he was inspired by nature. The children studied a variety of pictures he had painted with acrylics and watercolours. Did you know he painted 1,300 paintings?!

5 thoughts on “Paul Cezanne

  1. Its so nice to see all the Y2 children doing their best even thought they missed alot of school! I hope that they all keep up the good work even at home. Amazing!!

  2. Just looking at this comment makes me want to cry! Because tatenda left on the last day of year 4 😞 sadly! But we still have her in out heart 😊 her (best) friends will never forget her (like me and especially Lexi-mai and angel) and hope she is enjoying her new school and made some new (best) friends.

    From aizah in year 5

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