The Great Fire of London Workshop

Toucans were very lucky to be visited by The Freshwater Theatre Company to enjoy an interactive experience all about the Great Fire of London. The children took on roles of the different areas of Pudding Lane, where the fire started, to re-inact what happened through drama. Some were market traders, some worked in the bakery and some were actually the fire (with streamers!). They had great fun and it really brought their topic to life.

Karly became Samuel Pepys, Declan was the Mayor and James became King Charles II for the afternoon! The children had to keep explaining to our special visitor about modern day living as she had travelled to us, from 1666. She didn’t know what electricity was or even hand sanitiser!

Luckily, the children worked well as a team to extinguish the fire so all ended well. The children wrote about their experience afterwards – please have a look at the writing by Shriya, Reva and Elias…….along with all our photos of the afternoon too!

Mrs Parry
Year 2 Class Teacher

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