Book Week

Last week at school it was World Book Week. On Tuesday we were able to bring in our favourite books from home to share with our class or we could choose our favourite book from the class library. Our choices ranged from the Wonkey Donkey all the way to Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone! We had so much fun sharing our most loved books with everyone in our class.

On Thursday, on the official world book day, we were visited by amazing author T.M Jorden. We began the day with an assembly where Tim introduced us to the process of writing a book. He introduced us to Lord Ted, one of the main characters in his book. We were given a challenge for the morning to create a new character for Tim’s next book!

Friday was dress up day – have a look at some of the words we decided to dress up as. Miss Hookes was puzzled with all her jigsaw pieces attached to her and Miss Williams was dressed up as imagination! We had a variety of different words and characters from Year 2, they included strong, stealthy, colourful and magic! We also had some wonderful costumes of book characters such as Harry and Hermione and Mad Hatter!

We all had such a wonderful week celebrating all things books!

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