Designing Fire Engines

Our new Design and Technology Topic has started. Toucans have been challenged to construct a Fire Engine! They have have already researched existing products thinking about the following questions:
What do the Fire Engines that they have seen look like? Year Two drew a picture of a fire engine that they had seen.
What do they think they are made out of? Year Two thought that they could be made from glass, metal and rubber. Some Toucans decided that these materials could be welded together.

The children were asked if our ‘product’ had got any special features? We made a very long list including hoses, ladders, they were painted bright colours, sirens to alert other road users they needed to get through, water tanks and writing at the front. Toucans did some market research amongst their classmates including what people liked about existed Fire Engines, what could be improved and what their product would definitely have to keep!

They have now designed their very own fire engine on graph paper trying to include all of the important features. They look amazing!

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