Great Fire of London Workshop

On Thursday Year Two had a visit from a lady called Nicky who works for The Freshwater Theatre Company. Nicky introduced the children to our new History Topic – The Great Fire of London. Nicky taught Toucans a rhyme to start with: In 1666 London burned like little sticks, In 1666 London burned like little sticks! Year Two learnt actions to go with the rhyme to help them to remember.

Nicky then changed into character dressing as a maid at the time of the fire, she encouraged the children to use their imaginations throughout the workshop. Toucans learnt about where and when the fire started, how the fire spread and how the fire was eventually stopped! The children had lots of acting opportunities. Khayri was pretending to be Samuel Pepys and Evie and Shenyar were chamber maids! Both children and adults learnt lots of interesting facts and we’re looking forward to starting our Topic next week!

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