Making Pizza

Friday was a very busy day in Toucan class as we finally reached the point in our learning in DT this term where it was time to make our final product. Our first DT project in Year 2 was cooking. We have learnt a lot about different types of food over the last term, especially healthy foods. Therefore we decided to make healthy pizzas for our cooking in DT.  

Pizza? Healthy? You may be wondering why! Well after lots of discussions as a whole class about what we would like to make and what our favourite foods were, we all came down to the decision that pizza was up there with one of the most popular dishes with Year 2!  

As we wanted to keep within our topic of healthy foods, we discussed what smart swaps we could make to make our pizzas that little bit healthier, we chatted through several ideas before we reached our final decision. In the end we decided to use mini wraps for our pizza as they were a lot smaller and perfect for our tiny tummies!  

We began with the most important and hygienic thing of all, which was washing our hands, before handling any food.  

We all began with one wrap each. We squeezed 1 tablespoon of tomato puree onto our wrap and spread it evenly to make our tomato base.  

We then moved onto what toppings we would like on our pizza. The three vegetable options were peppers, mushrooms and sweetcorn.  

We had to prepare our vegetables before putting them onto our pizza, so we had a quick reminder of how to cut vegetables safely before we began and chopped small chunks of pepper and added them to our pizza. Another skill we were practising was our peeling skills. Thinking of something to peel was tricky for a pizza topping, but Miss Williams’ suggestion of mushrooms was the perfect idea. We took the stalk of the mushroom out and then we were able to peel the skin off the mushroom before chopping it and adding it to our pizza. 

Then it came to the fun part; adding the pepperoni and the cheese. All the children had 5 slices of pepperoni each to add. We then had to use scales to accurately measure and weigh our cheese. The children carefully grated their cheese onto the chopping board and then added it to the bowl on the scales and weighed 40g each before sprinkling it over their pizza.  

Finally, it was cooking time. Our pizza’s only took around 10 minutes in the oven and came out looking and smelling delicious! 

A very busy but successful day all round for us and was a brilliant way to end our week. I hope everyone enjoyed the making process and more importantly eating your pizzas! 


On Friday afternoon, Toucan class were set a challenge to rescue the spaceman on 2Go on Purple Mash. The children are beginning to become very confident with logging onto the computers themselves using their emoji passwords. 
Before the children were set off on their challenge, we recalled what an algorithm was and what was meant by the term ‘debug.’ 
We had a go as a whole class first before the children went off with their partners and made a few errors, but we were able to recognise their mistakes and debug and start again!
The children were able to demonstrate an excellent use of two of their behaviours for learning. They worked with others to help succeed in the challenge of rescuing the spaceman. They were also able to show excellent perseverance when things went wrong and we had to debug!

Designing a Pizza!

Year 2 this week are continuing with their Design and Technology project which this half term is cooking!  Toucans have already decided as a group what to make – the end result should be a tasty pizza.
Year 2 have researched using packaging from old pizza boxes. Looking closely, the children found cooking instructions and the ingredients. They then discussed what ingredients to use for their pizza. They talked to one another asking each other what their favourite toppings were and what they didn’t like. They then questioned whether they would change any of their thoughts from the feedback their friends had given. 
Today they designed their pizza and decided who it would be for. Part of the activity today was to draw how they would like their pizza to look. Toucans are getting quite excited and some can’t wait to do the preparation and cooking! Watch this space!!!


Every day the Toucans practise their handwriting in their handwriting lesson. We focus on watching Miss Hookes model the perfect letter formation and correctly copy into our handwriting books.
Since the beginning of the year we have been learning to join our writing focusing on certain joins each week. We are trying very hard in our lessons! Our teachers remind us to focus on beautiful handwriting all of the time: in Maths, English, Topic and in our homework books too!
Please try to encourage your child to take pride in their handwriting and do their very best each and every time they write.

Marvellous Maths!

This morning in mathematics Year 2 were learning how to add three 1 digit numbers together. The Toucans were trying to use strategies to make it easier to calculate. They did this by recognising that some number sentences had doubles in them and some had number bonds to ten to help them find out the answer easier and more quickly. They were also practising putting the largest number in their head first and then counting on the smaller digits on their fingers to get their answer.

Crisp Investigation

This half term the children have been learning about how to have a healthy lifestyle. Today the children completed an experiment using various crisps. The aim of the experiment was to establish which crisps had the highest fat content – we did this by crushing four different types of crisps on paper towels which in turn were on graph paper. Toucans had to count how many squares on their graph paper contained grease once crushed. They filled out their results on a table and then presented them on a bar chart. We found out that McCoys crisps contained the most fat out of all the crisps that we tested. 

Following Instructions

This week Toucan’s class have been comparing different sets of instructions aiming to find which one would be best to follow. Year 2 did an amazing job spotting great instructions and followed them to make their very own Toucan mask! With a lot of perseverance and a little help, the Toucans made their amazing masks. Can you spot who’s behind the mask?

Terrific Toucans!

In Year 2 today we have been consolidating our knowledge of number bonds, focusing on number bonds to 10. We have worked very hard and are showing great independence in completing tasks. 
During English Toucan’s have been writing sentences on dictation. We have revised what makes a super sentence: making sure our sentence makes sense, using our neatest handwriting, using correct punctuation and starting our sentences with a capital letter.
Topic this week is a continuation of our topic about Healthy Eating. We have discussed “What makes a healthy meal” and have talked about the different food groups which we all need to stay healthy  – these include: carbohydrates, proteins, dairy and fruit and vegetables. Today we were learning about where different animal products come from and what foods could contain them. 
Toucans have settled in very well into Year 2 and are trying very hard to follow our routines – well done Year 2!

Enjoying ERIC

Toucans class are really enjoying their ERIC (Enjoying reading in class) lessons. The children have a choice as to whether to read by themselves, share a book with a partner or listen to a story read by Miss Hookes or Mrs Parton-Harris. Year Two get very excited when it’s ERIC time and some Toucan’s have even joined our ERIC after school club! There’s an amazing buzz in the classroom and it’s quite certain the children are getting the reading bug!!
Children have the opportunity to borrow a class library book as well as their reading level book twice a week on a Tuesday and a Thursday which they are taking home to read to and discuss with their parents.

Online Safety

On Friday afternoon in Computing Year 2 were discussing how to stay safe online. We went through a safer online computer agreement as a whole class and discussed the importance of staying safe online. 
The children have all signed an agreement about using the computers and the internet in school. We have agreed to…
  1. Ask a teacher or suitable adult if I want to use a computer.
  2. I will only use activities that a teacher or suitable adult has told or allowed me to use.
  3. I will take care of the computer and other equipment.
  4. I will ask for help or suitable adult if I am not sure what to do or if I think I have done something wrong.
  5. I will tell a teacher or a suitable adult if I see something that upsets me on the screen.
We discussed that if we were to break the rules it would mean we would not be allowed to use the computer, as well as this we spoke about how important it is for us to be nice to one another online as well as in person. In addition to this we spoke about the word ‘communicate’ and what is means. We also talked about how we can communicate with each other via the class blog on the school website.
What do you use the internet for at home? Please leave your comments below and get the conversation flowing!