Bullying and Cyberbullying

Today in Year 2, the children have been talking about bullying and cyberbullying. The children discussed different scenarios of cyberbullying and what they would need to do. They were all very sensible and knew to tell a trusted adult or report to the social network.

The children worked in small groups to complete a Venn diagram to show where different forms of bullying would be placed. They could choose bullying, cyberbullying or in the middle for both. They realised that some forms of bullying can happen in real life and over the Internet.

Video: Nonsense poems

Year 2 have been looking at nonsense poems this morning! Some were hilarious- we enjoyed laughing at how ridiculous they were.

The children noticed that expression and speed made a huge difference to how the poem sounded and made you feel. A boring voice made the poem sound very dull.

Have a look at the children’s performances of “Quack!” Said the Billy-goat.

Creating a conversation in Scratch

Year 2 Toucans have today been working on programming a conversation in Scratch Junior on the iPads. Scratch Junior is a free app available from the app store on the iPads.

Mr Baddhan asked the children to create a classroom scene with three children and a teacher. Toucans used the following blocks: green flag, conversation block, text block and the stop block.

The children showed fantastic understanding of coding and debugging. They also demonstrated wonderful understanding of putting together a sequence for the conversation.

Programming using Lego Fix the Factory

During Computing this afternoon, Year 2 Toucans further enhanced their knowledge on algorithms and debugging. The children used an app called Fix the Factory (a free download from the App store).

Mr Baddhan asked the children to work through the levels using their problem solving skills to move the robot from a start position to the end – the controls available include ‘move forward’, ‘turn right’, ‘turn left’, ‘pick up’ and ‘drop off’.

Alot of perseverance and debugging was requred to fix their mistakes in the code.

Learning about algorithms and debugging

During Computing this afternoon, Year 2 Toucans continued to learn about creating algorithms (instructions).

The children used a website called Rapid Router to program a van to move to a finish line. They were using forward, turn left and turn right blocks.

The children learned how important a sequence of code is for it work correctly.

Mr Baddhan also reminded the children about “debugging” – finding a fixing a mistake in the code.

Creating a branching database

Year 2 Toucans have today been creating their own branching databases based on animals.

Toucans learned that that a branching database is a way of sorting different types of information into groups.

Toucans sorted their items into groups by asking questions based on the group of pictures e.g “Does it have a tail?”, “Does it fly?”, “Does it eat fish?” etc.