Clay Pots

Toucans learnt about the type of artwork made in the rainforest.  They focused on clay coil pots after practising designs with the clay tools.   There was lots of perseverance, concentration and creativity in the classroom today!

Collage Skills

In Art we explored different materials. We described how they felt. Were they smooth? Rough? Rigid, Soft? We then selected the right materials to use for our collage.

We also experimented in mixing paint to make green and then making it lighter or darker using white and black.


Today we started our Science Topic , “Materials”

There are many different materials and each has its own unique properties and uses. Here are some examples of common materials and their uses:

Wood: used for building structures, furniture, paper, and fuel.

Metals (e.g. steel, aluminium, copper): used for building structures, vehicles, electrical wiring, and cooking utensils.

Plastics: used for packaging, toys, electronics, and medical equipment.

Glass: used for windows, mirrors, drinking containers, and scientific equipment.

Textiles (e.g. cotton, wool, silk): used for clothing, bedding, and upholstery.

Concrete: used for building structures, roads, and bridges.

Rubber: used for tyres, gaskets, and seals.

Ceramics: used for dishes, tiles, and decorative objects.

Paper: used for writing, printing, and packaging.

Leather: used for shoes, bags, and furniture.

Extension: click here to learn more about materials at home

Circle- Time

Today in circle time we discussed equality and the recipe required for a good friend. The children came up with some very good ideas including:

  1. Respecting each other
  2. Caring for each other
  3. Being kind to each other
  4. Doing nice things
  5. Feel loved
  6. Be fair

measuring cutting and fixing

Our DT project this half term has been working towards making our own fire engines.

We learnt many new skills including how to saw wood safely. It really wasn’t as easy as it looked! We measured our dowel then added 2cm so we had room to attach our wheels. Completing this project we managed to improve our skills in working together measuring to the nearest centimeter and folding cutting and strengthening materials

Well done Toucans!