Cushions D&T – Textiles

This half term in DT we have been working towards making ourselves a cushion for our ERIC sessions. We enjoyed researching different types of cushions and then designed our own.

Did you know that Kapok fibres (capox) that are used for stuffing are related to our Rainforest theme? Kapok fibre come from the seeds of the kapok tree, which grows in warm places like the rainforest. These trees have big pods that look like giant beans. When the pods open, they release fluffy, soft fibers that are light and silky. People collect these fibers to use them for making pillows, mattresses, and even life jackets because they are very light and float on water. So, kapok fibres are special gifts from the kapok tree!

We all improved skills in

  • using templates to cut out shapes
  • joining textiles using a running stitch
  • decorating textiles by adding buttons and sequins.

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