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Wow! We have just had the most fantastic day! We had a visit from a real author,‚Äč Rob Bowden. Rob has worked with Year 2 today to help us create our own book pages about the Great Fire of London. We worked in groups and used books and the internet to find out as much as we could about the Great Fire of London. As you can see in the photo, we made lots of notes about the interesting facts and information we discovered. Then we had the tricky job of deciding what our title and subheadings would be and the information, pictures and facts we should include. Rob helped us to design the layout of our pages and used some of our Great Fire of London paintings as a background. We were so impressed when we saw our work at the end of the day and we think you’ll be super impressed too! Watch this space for the finished product!!

5 thoughts on “Building a book

  1. Impressive work Year 2, you all seemed to be enjoying doing research and using the netbooks in an effective way. Rob was pleased with your overall input towards the Bells Farm book – well done!

  2. Oh Yr 2 we had the most fantastic time working and researching for our pages on the Great Fire of London. I have learnt so much with you and hope you really enjoyed it. Your pages in the book look amazing – well done.

  3. Well done Year 2! I know you have worked really hard on The Great Fire of London…and really enjoyed it! There was so much more that you could have put into the pages of the book! You are a clever lot! Keep it up!

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