Road Safety Officer visits Year 1 & 2 children

Welcome back, I have loved being back in class with your children today!

We are starting 2014 with a safety themed week and today Year 1 and 2 were given a very interesting talk by a Road Safety Officer. They learnt all about how to stay safe on the roads when they are walking, in a car or on a bicycle. The children were taught how to cross the road, that it is important to sit in a car chair or booster seat and that they must always wear a bicycle helmet to stay safe. They had lots of fun and then came back to the classroom to design their own road safety signs. Great job year 2, you are road safety experts now!

2 thoughts on “Road Safety Officer visits Year 1 & 2 children

  1. Wow! I missed the talk by the Road Safety officer but from your pictures I can tell that you had fun and learnt lots of things. Some very important messages – especially about crossing the road, wearing helmets when cycling and use a booster seat in the car.
    Well done Yr 2

  2. …and double wow from me! You such a lot about safety in different ways this week and I can tell you have really enjoyed your learning! Well done children!

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